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Itinerari Lengkap Percutian Kami Ke Maldives Selama 5 Hari 4 Malam Dengan Bajet RM 1800 “All in”

Termasuk flight ticket dan kos penginapan


*Ditulis oleh Saudari Syuraini zaini*

You will never go wrong by choosing Maldives! Meh akak payung skit pasal Maldives;

Day 1:

6.25pm: flight to Male
7.45pm (local time): reached Male
8.00pm: took a local bus to Ui Inn hotel
9.00pm: lepak dalam bilik sambil kagum dengan diri sendiri sebab sampai Maldives


Day 2:

7.00am: Breakfast at Ui Inn Hotel
7.30am: Took a cab to Hulhumale ferry terminal
8.00am: Ferry to Male terminal
8.30am: Took a cab to Villingili Ferry Terminal
9.00am: Reached Villingili Terminal
10.00am: Ferry to Maafushi Island **only at 10am & 3pm**
11.30am: Reached Maafushi
12.00noon: Checked in at Holiday Lodge Resort
1.30pm: Went to Bikini beach while searching for the packages there
5.30pm: Night fishing
8.30pm: Dinner
10.30pm: Night on the cruise
1.00am: Stingrays hunting😘
2.00am: Bedtime!


Day 3:

9.00am: Breakfast
10.30am: Half day snorkeling trip
4.30pm: Back to hotel
8.00pm: Walked around the beach
9.30pm: Candlelight dinner
11.00pm: Back to hotel


Day 4:

7.00am: Breakfast
7.30am: Checked out
8.00am: Off to Taj Exotica Resort (wowww)
8.30am: Checked in, chillin’, swimming, etc.
5.30pm: Stingray feeding time
6.00pm: Off to the airport


Day 5:

4.30am: Reached KLIA2
7.05am: Flight to AOR


1) Return tix (promo AA): one month earlier~RM400
2) Ui Inn Hotel: 3 weeks earlier (~RM170 agoda)
3) Holiday Lodge: 2 weeks earlier (~RM500 agoda)
4) local bus: mvd20
5) Cab to Hulhumale terminal (mvd25)
6) Ferry to Male terminal (mvd5.5)
7) Cab from Male to Villingili (mvd25)
8) Ferry from Villingili to Maafushi (mvd53)
9) Ktorg bawa USD300 sorg. *ada balance lg kot

Other information that I hardly counted here (due to our lucky days);

1) Night fishing we got for usd20 (normally around 20-30)
2) Half day snorkeling (usd 25-35)
3) Night on the cruise (usd35 and we got for free!!πŸ˜›)
4) 1day-excursion to Expensive Resorts (if you can’t afford a night there: usd100-173 inclusive speedboat depends on the resort)
5) Candlelight dinner at Kaani Hotel (usd50-100 but I got a very very cheap one!)

**usd1= mvd15/15rufiyya
**prices are per head except for cabs and hotels
**we preferred packages from Crystal Sands Hotel and the hotel looked pretty nice too for you to consider.
**our trip went smoothly because we planned and studied a bit.

We Maldives so much!

P/s Jika anda ada cerita atau itinerari travel yang ingin dikongsikan bersama kami, boleh hantarkan artikel tersebut ke email

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  1. HAI.. NAK TANYA PAKEJ Maldives Selama 5 Hari 4 Malam Dengan Bajet RM 1800 β€œAll in” MASIH ADA LAGI KE?

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