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Travel around India for 13 days just with RM4000. This is how I did it

RM 4000 All-in!

Hello our fellow readers. It has been awhile that we haven’t posted anything!! (I know know, responsibility and boring things “roll eyes”) hehe. So I wonder you guys interested to travel to India one day? For us, a trip to India should be on every traveller’s bucket list.

Hence we want to share an itinerary from Irfan Dzahier #susuetakekashmir who had travelled to India, Ladakh and Leh recently from 18th-30 September (Early Autumn). The weather is just nice for travelling according to him. We thank Mr Irfan for sharing this itinerary to us!


The Route

Trichy – Chennai – Kashmir – Sonamarg-Zojila Pass- Kargil-Leh -Changla Pass- Pangong Lake – Nubra Valley -Hunder – Turtuk- Tso Moriri- Tso Kar- Khardung La Pass – Leh -Delhi – Agra -Delhi –Kl

DAY 1 (Trichy-Chennai )

1.Trichy Airport to railway station – 500 rupee/person (RM33)

2.Chennai Express (8 hours of journey)- 250 rupee/person (RM16)

However there will be a price different between local and tourist.It is suggested to book the ticket online at Chennai Express Ticket Booking, and it is best to book early since there will be a quota for tourist in a train, Since it is a long 8 hours journey, it is suggested to take the sleeper seat (plus bring your own food). You need to be aware of the destination since there will be no announcement, but there will be an LED board in the train that will show the arrival time of the train. We miss the train! so we decided to bought another one. Luckily we got a free seat however we have to scramble between the local.

3.Arrive at Chennai sleep at the Airport



Security check at the Chennai International Airport is quite strict. Stuff like lighter are not allowed, plus they will also request to open the bag to scan for gadget and stuffs, so make sure to use a bag that is easy to open and access for checking.

Our first stop at Srinagar : Dal Lake

Suggested to bring suitable attire for the quite cold weather. We stayed at a houseboat. We also did a sight seeing at Pari Mahal Garden at 25 rupee (RM1.70).

There we tried on the Kashmiri traditional dress and took a  picture which cost 200 rupee (RM13.20). We didn’t explore the place much due to the curfew (conflict between Pakistan and India). We call it a day and sleep early since we have to depart at 4am to avoid roadblock from the authority.



It’s a 4 hour journey from Dal Lake to Kargil. On the way to Kargil, we stop at Sonamarg for breakfast (150 rupee=RM10). We also did a 3 hours horse riding at 1K rupee (RM66). Here at Sonamarg we bought a winter jacket for 500 rupee (RM33). We then continue to Kargil ( which is a muslim shia town), where we pass through Zojila Pass, one of the most dangerous road in the world.

This pass is also situated near to the border of Pakistan. When we arrived at Kargil, we stay at Jan Palace. We spend our night doing sight seeing around the city.


On day 4, we continue our journey (6 hours journey) to Leh. The journey pass through Nakeela Pass.There a few attractions to Leh such as the Magnetic HillConfleunce of The Indus and Zanskar Rivers where two rivers meet, Lamayuru Golden Hill, and Khangral Village. We arrived at Leh almost at night time, and we stayed at Leh Heaven Hotel (which is a 4 stars hotel).



We pass through Chang La, which is the second highest motorable road in the world (with 17822 ft above sea level). A reminder, it’s a physically and mentally challenging trip going up to Chang La. Four of us collapsed due to the low oxygen level, and extremely cold weather so we suggest that you bring appropriate medicines such as Acute Mountain Sickness Pills (AMS) pills and oxygen tank if possible. We then took a rest at a Tibetan village, Durbuk, and the visited Pangong Lake, which is situated nearby China border.

The movie 3 Idiots was filmed here, plus the scenery is beautiful which also reminds me of Iceland. Here you can randomly see sheeps, horses and yaks. At night we stayed at Paradise Camp (Sadiq is the owner).

DAY 6 (Pangong LAKE – Nubra Valley (DOGS))

We continue our journey. We depart to Nubra Valley from Pangong Lake, and it’s a 5 hours drive. There are many vilages along the way so we decided to ask the driver to stop at some of the villages (Hunder-Tekshe-Changmar-Bogdang-Turtuk). At night we stayed at Habib Guest House (Rahman and Halimah are the owners). Other attraction at Nubra Valley is that you can ride a two humpback camel for 350 rupee (RM23) for 1 hour, or you can just simply admire the view of snow capped mountain, with terrain like dessert at Nubra Valley.



From Hunder, we head up to Turtuk, another village that requires a 4 hours drive. Turtuk is a muslim sunni community situated 20km from the border of Pakistan. At Turtuk we stayed at Baltic Guest House (Ubaidullah and Rahim is the owner). We spend our day doing sight seeing around the beautiful village. Turtuk vilage divided by a stream of blue river and enormous mountains! The locals here are very nice and friendly


On day 8, we head back to Leh. During the 3 hours drive, we pass through Khardung La, which is the highest motorable road (18380 ft ) in the world.Here we witness the beautiful view of the Himalayan range. We arrive at Leh around dinner time, and stayed at Leh Heaven Hotel.



From Leh, we started our 6 hours journey to Tso Moriri using this route : Leh-Shey –Tichsay-Nang-Chang Ga-Karu-Igoo-Rani Bagh – Yok Mar – Tso Moriri. Tso Moriri is small village situated besides the Moriri Lake. We spend our day relaxing and enjoying the Himalayan breeze.


We went back to Leh. During the 4 hours drive, we stop by at Tso Kar which is a home for a salt lake (Tso Kar Lake).We arrived at Leh, and did some souvenirs shopping at Leh market (there is a long street with a lot of shops there).



We took a morning flight from Leh, and arrived at Indra Gandhi Airport. We stay two nights at the Bloom Room which cost us RM120/night. We have the best Lamb Briyani at Karim’s, Jama Masjid.


In the moning we went to the train station to go to Agra, however we have been scammed. We have to ride a taxi that cost us 10K rupee for 4 person (roughly around RM663) (cry a river). We only visit the Taj Mahal because we don’t have mood anymore, plus we don’t have much money left. Ticket for Taj Mahal cost us 1K rupee (RM66), while for Agra Fort is 350 rupee (RM23). After the visit we went back home, eat at Karim’s Jama Masjid again, and call it a day.


DAY 13 (DELHI – KL )

Last day in India! In the morning we did a some souvernirs shopping around saree market. Later, we took a taxi to the airport which cost use 500 rupee (RM33)

Other info that might be useful:

I have spend around RM4000 all-in, and I have zero money when I landed in malaysia.

RM2000 to our tour guide in Kashmir

RM1500 for flight ticket and VISA, RM500 for my survival.

Note that this is a budget trip.

We only eat vegetarian food in Kashmir. We have only breakfast and dinner (two meals per day)

We stayed in a guest house and camping.

You can contact FB : YOUSUF YUSARSIEF or WHATSAPP +91 96229 46952.

He will solve all your problems regarding the budget. Highly recommended this person.

Other useful tips:

  1. Bring unused thing, extra food, utensils, pencils etc. to donate to the people there rather than money.
  2. Always keep a pack of chocolate in your pocket, you can carve a smile on the children face and also their parents.
  3. PLEASE RESPECT and be aware of their tradition and culture. India have so many culture, just imagine around 100km radius, there will be other languages such as Urdu, Tamil, Hindustan. Plus, Hindu also have many gods.

*Thanks to our team, Kak Norshuhaidah Jamaludin for the translation of this awesome article. Thanks kakshu!

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